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It’s understandable that Literature Review is the analysis of literature – dissertations, articles, books, etc. – for a particular domain of study that would help the author of dissertation to determine the context of the research, create a solid basis for the study, and to build up on the knowledge already available, investigate further.

As easy as it may seem, properly conducted Literature Review is one of the most important components of a good dissertation that can bring success to the author. And respectively poorly done literature analysis will negatively contribute to the study and most likely, the entire work will have flaws to say the least, and in the worst case scenario – it won’t pass. The examiners are aware that many dissertations have problems with research background, and they will definitely pay attention to this section of the study. So to avoid failing the dissertation, it’s crucial to conduct the research of literature properly, and then to describe findings in the written form.

Usually it takes up to several months to create Literature Review. It’s a time-consuming process that requires a lot of dedication and self-sacrifice.

If you are not prepared to devote that much of your time to the process, then you can simply entrust your task to us. As we have hundreds of writers in our team who specialize in a variety of domains of knowledge, we will be able to find a writer who is proficient in the field of study of your dissertation as well. And since our dissertation writer is proficient and is familiar with research background, it will take a shorter period of time to conduct the Literature Review and to create the foundation for your dissertation. We will explain what the Review of Literature is and what exactly is consists of.

What is the aim of conducting Literature Review? To make it clear, analysis of literature isn’t just listing the sources related to the field of study. The aim here is to

  • Find relevant resources, on the basis of which you can identify the situation in the domain of knowledge, to point out what is already known and define the gaps in knowledge.
  • Interpret the literature, to describe your position and conclusions about it to the readers, to present the rationale and therefore let readers understand your thinking and follow what you intend to say.
  • Synthesize the analyzed materials, basically it means putting all findings together and making it all in one. It will allow to create an argument and solid foundation for the entire work.
  • Structure your interpretations and synthesis of materials into one whole, ensure the coherence and relevance.

What is the best time to do the review of the literature? Of course, it’s necessary to start doing the analysis of literature at the very first stages of creating the dissertation. When you come up with the problem you would like to discuss in the work, it will be necessary to find rationale and reason your choice of topic and research questions. But it’s necessary to stay up-to-date with respect to the sources and new publications, so it might be necessary to add more information along the way.

What questions should the Literature Review answer? The study you are conducting should be important and relevant. So the review of literature should answer the following:

  • Is the field of your study well researched? What is it that is known about the topic?
  • What are the gaps of knowledge in the field?
  • Why it is important to investigate the chosen research questions?
  • How your study can contribute to the development of the field and how can it address the gap in knowledge?

How to find sources? Looking for credible sources on the internet can be the easiest way. Fortunately, nowadays there are many electronic databases. Also, your educational institution can guide you regarding the search or maybe even provide you with a list of relevant references that can be found in the databases of the institution. It eases the process. However, limiting yourself by looking for relevant material in the electronic databases is not recommended. Published books, articles, journals and other resources can be of great help too. Actually, the change of environment – working at computer screen to reviewing printed copies – can be really appreciated in the context of such a consuming task. Another significant point is that all references should be up to date. Your educational establishment can have specific requirements concerning the dates of publications as well, so it’s necessary to check this.

How to structure the Literature Review? The structure of the Literature Review can vary. After you have analyzed the relevant material, you will be able to determine what kind of structure will be beneficial for your dissertation. One of the methods is to analyze the sources chronologically, but keeping in mind that interpretation and synthesis should be made anyway, you can’t just list the references. You can also structure your review according to the sectors of the background, by using different points of views and perspectives. It’s possible to use the process of idea development in the field of study as background to shape your literature review. In fact, it can be beneficial to use one of these methods, a combination of few, or entirely different approach.

How to make sure that the Literature Review is well written? As Literature Review should be a solid foundation for the research, you need to make sure that it convinces the readers and explains why your study is important. That is why making sure that the you select the most beneficial structure of the review is a must. You need to find balance between describing the sources and making interpretation and synthesis. Every research question you are discussing should be supported by evidence. Valid and persuasive reasoning for investigating the problems should be provided. Checking the entire review is necessary, most likely, you will have to delete some parts of it as irrelevant. Be sure to only include what is meaningful and crucial. The rest should not be present there at all.

As you can see, Literature Review implies not only mere finding of material related to the topic, but it also justifies the reasons for the entire research. Poorly conducted and written Literature Review will affect the study and can contribute to the failure of dissertation. If you wish to avoid problems with your work, you can simply order Literature Review writing at our website.

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