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So if you have already decided on the topic for your dissertation, come up with research questions, conducted the review of the literature, it’s the right time to define the research methods you are going to use in the dissertation.

Methodology chapter implies describing the research design you choose, it explains and provides a rationale for the choice of methods, collection and analysis of data. You need to state each research method and provide the reason why exactly you select this or that methods and how it can be beneficial for the study. It’s crucial to make sure that the research design is appropriate and that you can carry out the investigation successfully by selecting certain methods.

You need to determine for yourself the following:

  • Which research methods can help you to carry out the study and find the answers to the questions?
  • Why exactly did you decide to use these of those research methods?
  • How will you select the subject of your research? Who or what is going to be the subject?
  • What ways of data collection are you going to use? How and how often are you going to collect the data?
  • Why is your research design appropriate for the topic of your dissertation and how is it relevant to the domain of knowledge?
  • How your research methods will address the problem you chose to argue?
  • What kind of limitations does your research design have?

To make sure that the research methods you chose are appropriate ones, conducting a pilot study can be recommended.  It’s like a sample test. For instance, you can interview a small group of people using a list of questions. Thus, you will be able to check whether your chosen research design is a good idea, what the advantages and weak points of it are. According to the conclusions made, you will be able to amend the research methods, to remove or add something that would benefit the methodology. One important thing to remember is that the results of the pilot study are not to be used in the dissertation. Basically, it’s like a disposable material, you tested the methods, made conclusions, and now you need to conduct the study itself. Be careful not to include anything from pilot study into the research.

Research methods. The research methods can be divided into qualitative and quantitative. You can select either or a combination of those methods. However, to convince your readers that you have chosen the right methods for your study, you must provide strong reasoning. Simply stating that you have chosen this or that method is not enough. You should state what made you select this technique and to reject the other. So before making a decision on methods, you need to understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative methods, what each of these implies, you should define possible benefits and weak spots of methods for your research. And you should also think which particular method is appropriate for the collection and analysis of data.

Transition. In the conclusion of the Methodology section it’s necessary to state all main points of this chapter and to provide proper and smooth transition to the next chapter that will describe your findings.

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