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We often receive requests to write dissertation chapters, and many researchers stumble when writing Results section. Even though it seems that after methods have been chosen and the analysis conducted, it is so easy to just state what was found, but in truth it’s not as simple as it may look like at first sight. Why? Let’s see what one should do to get this part of your study significant and relevant.

What to include in Results chapter? This part of dissertation is presented as a narrative where you describe all the data collected and your findings. It must contain a summary of information that you obtained while conducting the research and clear analysis of what you have found. This is the time to answer the research questions and to discuss the implications of your work.

  • Do not include information that is irrelevant to your research. Resist the temptation to include all results you obtained. Go back to your research questions, weigh everything, see if the findings relate to the research questions, and only then included them into the chapter.
  • Give only right amount of precise information. Evaluate your work as a reader, not as a researcher. Do not make overly brief conclusions about your findings that won’t express the idea and results of your study. Do not go into a lot of detail. You should find balance.

How to structure Results section?

  • Include clearly defined introduction. It might be necessary to restate your research problem and research questions.
  • Indicate the procedures that you used to collect the data.
  • State the response rate if applicable.
  • Indicate, describe, and discuss your findings.
  • Discuss the implications of the study.

Use tables and figures to present your findings where possible, it works perfectly for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Unlike plain text, tables and figures include only relevant information and are easier to perceive and analyze. So such way of presenting findings will go well along with narrative, as a supplement, or it can also be included as a separate element to indicate the data.

Make sure that you address each research question in the Results section. Discuss the data relevant for each question, provide the answer, and conclude on implications of your research.

At the end of the chapter include a summary and provide transition to the next chapter. However, in certain cases Results and Conclusion chapters are combined into one. If you need to separate your findings from your conclusion, then please review the Conclusion chapter requirements.

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