Dissertation Coaching | 11 Crucial Things You Want To Know

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When it comes to the most important project in the academic life of every student – dissertation – it’s necessary to become aware of several things that can really change your entire writing process and in the end free you from the snare of tremendous threat and absence of confidence.

As we work with doctorate students, we realized that many of them do not know the simple things and ways out regarding dissertation writing and rules. They only become aware of these things later, after the long-suffering process is finished.

So to save your time and energy do yourself a favor to familiarize with our list of advices. 

  • Learn speed reading. You will need to do a lot of research and read piles of books, articles, dissertations, and other publications. It will consume your time as you never imagined possible. So investing some time into learning how to speed read will actually help you save your time later that you can use for any activities.
  • Start early. One mistake that many students make is postponing and procrastinating. Avoid it. If you fail to do so then in the end you will find yourself having a couple of week or in the best case scenario a couple of months for your dissertation, but it’s not enough. Think of topics for your research, read literature beforehand. Don’t stop searching for new sources. Write every day.
  • Get yourself some treats. When you get overwhelmed with the work you need to do, you will forget about having something to eat and might even skip several meals in a row. So at least treat yourself nicely when you are writing or doing research work. Just don’t buy yourself sweets and other sort of rubbish. Make it healthy. Let it be nuts, cereal, no-sugar biscuits, and high quality dark chocolate. Let your brain work.
  • Sleep enough. Take a nap when you can, try to plan your day properly so you have enough hours to rest. According to researches, it will improve your memory, learning abilities, and will make you generate new ideas.
  • Get along with your instructor. Try to do your best to get to know your advisor from the professional side. Your relationship must work to make your cooperation effective and productive. Be nice and heed the advice. Many advisors are truly brilliant if you get along with them, and it helps to prepare an amazing dissertation.
  • Change your advisor if you believe that your cooperation with the one assigned to you isn’t beneficial. Yes, it’s possible to change your instructor, however, you should do it at earlier stages and have strong and legitimate reason to do so.
  • Prepare for expenses. Printing alone can make a hole in your budget. So consider this when planning how much you are going to spend on things.
  • Learn to make use of criticism and corrections. Your advisor is there to help you and show you the right directions when you go the wrong way. So listen to the feedback and address the comments and issues.
  • Prepare that your family and friends won’t understand you. When you are asked about the progress of your dissertation by people who are close to you, it’s better not to go into details especially if you don’t want to see confused faces and odd expressions of your family members and friends – they have no idea what you are talking about. So leave it for yourself unless your beloved ones do know and understand what you are going through.
  • Fear not when you have a panic attack. At some point in time, the entire research will seem meaningless to you. You will think that all the work you’ve done was done in vain and the best thing is just to start all over again with a new topic. But if your advisor did not tell you that previously, then most likely you are just panicking. Take a deep breath then and relax. This too shall pass.
  • Enjoy when the work is complete. At the last stages, when you realize that the job is done, let yourself be proud of it. You deserve the praise.

We truly hope our advices will help you in dissertation writing. 

But if you don’t feel like doing anything for your dissertation to be done, or if you have been procrastinating and now have no time left to write a valuable project, then you can use our assistance. We do dissertation coaching and writing, we help with revisions and editing. Our company is a perfect solution to your writing problems.

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