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Writing a proper Abstract is just as important as writing the dissertation itself. Actually, dissertation Abstract is a very brief summary of all the chapters of your research, it’s like a mini version of the study. It should be concise and clearly defined, coherent and making a reader interested in reading the work further.

You need to realize that many people who read your Abstract will never read the entire dissertation. Also, in certain circumstances using full text of your research might be not suitable, that is why the Abstract should be written in a way that it can replace or at least substitute the research.

Abstract is presented in the beginning of dissertation and the size of it usually should be about or not exceed one double spaced page (for more specific requirements it’s better to contact your institution). So if your dissertation contains, let’s say about 50 pages or even more, then you understand how briefly you should summarize it in approximately 300 words. Not an easy task, that’s for sure.

How to structure dissertation Abstract? The main point of Abstract is to give short summary of the reasons why you decided to carry out your research, what you did to investigate the problem, and what implications you made. The latter is the most important thing to do, i.e. to describe what you found out and discovered by conducting the research; this part should take about a half of the whole Abstract.

So, your Abstract should look as follows:

  • Background of your study and the significance of the research. Here you need to state why exactly you chose to do the research in this field and why your study is important.
  • Research design. This section explains research type, methods, and analyzes the techniques used. You should be succinct when writing this part, but at the same time comprehensive.
  • Findings. The most significant findings must be stated here. You need to explain what findings the study showed and how they answered the research questions.
  • Conclusions. This section should clearly define the implications of the study, state what was learned, and indicate the results of the work. The summary of conclusions should be concise, full, and precise.

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